Xbox One is not only a gaming console but a multimedia box that does much more than let you play games. While not all of its features are yet complete and some new ones will be launched later inyou can already do a ton of things with your Xbox One. Since it is a console, Xbox One was obviously made to play games.

On the Xbox One, you can purchase and download games online and have them installed automatically or you can purchase physical discs and use them to install games and play them on your console. If you want to play multiplayer games, you do need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. With the help of the Xbox Music app you can stream music to your Xbox One and listen while you are playing or doing other things.

Xbox One offers also apps for watching videos on other platforms, like the TED conference. If you purchase also an Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, you get a complimentary Skype Premium subscription, so that you get free international calling to 50 countries and other great features.

If you use the Upload Studio app on your Xbox One, you can capture your gaming experience and then make a video out of it and share it with the world.

You can also record yourself using Kinect and publish your videos online with the help of SkyDrive. Xbox One includes the Internet Explorer app that you can use to browse the web, search for content online, etc. With the help of the SkyDrive app, you can access your entire collection of videos and photos. About the Book Author Kelly L. Murdock has written about computer topics ranging from multimedia to JavaScript.

He has also created 3D models for feature films and worked as a freelance 3D artist.Sure, you can figure out how to turn the thing on, even how to get your discs or downloaded games going we hope. But when it comes to really getting under the hood with everything your new games machine can do, there are all sorts of features and functions that you might miss at first glance.

As a console generation, the Xbox One already has a lot to offer: with expanded backwards compatibility, ever cheaper Xbox Live offers, and the hardware upgrades to the Xbox One S and 4K powerhouse Xbox One X. So things have changed a lot since the early days of the Xbox One, and this guide will tell you everything you need to get the most of your Xbox console — at least, until the next Xbox generation comes around.

From convenient short-cuts to little-known freebies, here are 40 must-know tips and tricks to squeezing every last bit of value out of your Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X — whichever model you've gone for. The Xbox One was designed with a mind to it becoming a hub for every other electronic device in your living room, especially your TV. You can use the Xbox One's Kinect voice commands to control your TV if you take a few minutes to perform a quick set-up.

From there, select Devices, then select your TV's brand.

cool things to do with a kinect

Click Next, then click Automatic. Click on Send Command — this test should now mute your TV if you've calibrated correctly. Setting up a console used to be pretty straightforward, but with the Xbox One's host of new and exciting features, making sure that Microsoft's latest console is set up properly takes a little bit of time. The process gets even more confusing with the new Xbox One X, where you'll have to make sure you've got your TV set up correctly to make the most of its 4K output.

If you've got the original console then check out our guide on how to set up the Xbox Oneor if you've got the newer console, check out our guide for how to set up the Xbox One X. First things first, to take a screenshot or record clips on Xbox One you have to make sure you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, otherwise this won't work. When in-game, simply tap the Xbox button on your control pad to open the Guide and then press Y to take the screenshot. If something cool has happened and you want to grab a clip of the last 30 seconds of gameplay, press X.

If you're still part of the Kinect crew, you can simply say "Xbox, take screenshot" though that's a little too imprecise for something that needs to be timed perfectly like a screenshot. Beware, screenshots don't work if you're not in a game. Once you've got what you need, you can find it in the Manage Captures menu where you'll be able to access a range of sharing options which range from your Activity Feed and private messages to Twitter and One Drive.

Most Xbox One games will require you to do a mandatory install onto the console's hard drive, even those that you buy on a physical disc. It's a bit of a pain, but you can speed up the installation time by disconnecting from Xbox Live either remove the Ethernet cable from the console for wired connections or disconnect from Xbox Live under the console's Network settingsrunning the installation offline and then re-establishing your connection again afterwards.

If you want to eliminate installation time completely, you can now also pre-load games before their release so as soon as they unlock you can bundle straight in and start raising hell — as long as you've digitally purchased them that is.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription which is pretty much essential since you'll need one to play games online then you can get a certain amount of games for free each month from Microsoft.

cool things to do with a kinect

Better yet, you get to keep these games even if you end your subscription. Be sure to check back in with our dedicated Games with Gold page to see what games you can get for free each month. If you want more free games which is a little greedy at this point, but hey there are also a number of free to play games on the Xbox One.

Free-to-play often means you'll face some microtransactions in there, but play your cards right and you can have a fun time without spending much money at all.By the middle ofsales of the Xbox One had topped an estimated 30 million units. Add in the million or more Xbox One X consoles sold inand that equals a lot of Xbox One owners around the world. While many of those proud Xbox One owners undoubtedly believe that they know their console inside and out, they still might be unaware of some of its coolest bells and whistles.

Here's a list of some of the most awesome Xbox One features that you might not know about — including a couple of things Microsoft probably doesn't want you to know.

Xbox One allows you to connect up to eight wireless controllers to your console at once for mega-multiplayer action—but did you know that you can also combine the inputs from two controllers to act like one? With Copilot mode, you can use two Xbox One controllers linked together to control your console or play a game. The feature first launched in early for Xbox Insiders, but it's since been pushed live for all Xbox One owners.

Copilot offers a leap forward in progress for gamers with disabilities. Combining Copilot mode with controller remapping adds even more accessibility, as even paired Copilot controllers can be remapped individually. Additionally, Copilot is a great way for parents to help their kids play a single-player game by sharing the controls without the need to hand off a controller. To get started using Copilot, check out this guide. If you're an audiophile, then you probably want the best audio quality available on your movies and other media.

In the past, this meant getting a stand-alone Blu-Ray player to connect to your high-definition stereo receiver. However, if you own an Xbox One, you already have everything you need to enjoy HD audio on your home theater. Wait, what? Instead, it sends the audio output directly to your home theater system, giving you the best quality sound possible.

First, make sure you have the most recent update downloaded for Xbox One's Blu-Ray player app. If you have an audio receiver that supports uncompressed formats—or positional ones like DTS:X and Atmos—go to the settings for the app and choose "let my receiver decode audio.

As a bonus, while the Blu-Ray app is open, all other sounds on your Xbox One will be silenced—including notifications, background audio, and party chat. No controller? No problem! Your Xbox One can be controlled directly from a tablet or smartphone using Microsoft's SmartGlass integration.

Top 5 Kinect Hacks

Want to search for a show on your Xbox, or visit a website in your console's internet browser? No longer do you have to painstakingly type out each letter with the thumbsticks and buttons on your controller. Now you can just use the Xbox mobile app to connect to your console and use your device as a controller.

You can browse your Xbox One's apps and gamessee what your Xbox Live friends are up to, check out and share your recorded game clips, type using your phone or tablet's keyboard, and much more. Start by downloading the correct Xbox app for your mobile device's operating system: AndroidiOSor Windows.

Then follow this Digital Trends guide to setup the connection to your Xbox One. As part of Microsoft's focus on cross-platform compatibilitythey've rolled out some awesome features that allow you to connect any Windows 10 PC in your home to your Xbox One console. Game Streaming allows you to play any Xbox One game or app remotely on any Windows 10 device on your home network.Sign in. Log into your account.

Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. About Kinect SDK. Get help. Kinect Hacks. Matt - May 17, Matt - May 13, Control Trine played with Kinect. Control Christmas Lights with Kinect Control. John M. Load more. Object Recognition with the Kinect Control February 21, Kinection — turns your Kinect into a game design device Gaming John M. Looking for something that will allow you to sue your Kinect to creat games with a 3D engine?

Then you may want to check This isn't the first that we're seeing these gloves but in this demo, Imogen Heap does a good job of explaining how the technology Skeletal hand and finger tracking in full 3D Tracking John M.

One thing that KinectHackers have found really useful with the Kinect is its capability to make 3D and 3D-related applications not only a reality Skanect is a new affordable, easy to use tool that allows users to capture a full color 3D model of an object, a person Today's featured shack shows how Reality Control's new software, 'control:mapper' enables you to interact with existing games and applications using your Microsoft Kinect and The Rangeinet — a self-contained multimedia instrument Musical John M.

We've noticed that performance artists have really connected with the Kinect. A lot of cool new music and dances are being created with the Virtual controllers are always cool.

They let you do stuff without having to worry about the hassle of of physical-based interfaces. And they're always Gaming Kinection — turns your Kinect into a game design device John M.Some consoles will forever have a place in our hearts. For me, there is one console that I will always remember particularly fondly: the Xbox I got it just after it released, as a birthday present in earlyand I remember booting up an Official Xbox Magazine demo disk and just marveling at the graphics.

They were quite unlike any others that I'd ever seen before. Even in standard def, and even though the only full game I had was Perfect Dark Zerowhich, looking back, isn't exactly stunning, to me it was a revolution. This was the system that I'd been waiting for. I don't have one anymore, but I'm pretty sure I rinsed everything I could from it. However, when I started researching this story, despite being a veteran of thered rings and all, there were a ton of hidden features that I discovered.

I never knew that the could browse the internet out of the box, long before Internet Explorer was released. I never knew that it could run custom interfaces, or be navigated from a phone, or that it would accept USB keyboards. Read on, and tell us what you think. Did you know any of these already?

Have we missed any awesome secrets that you discovered? Let us know, as always, in the comments! I'm not entirely sure what Microsoft would think of this one, but back in the day, if you wanted to tear up Halo 's online modes without spending a dime, you could.

If you downloaded a little app called XLink Kai and booted it up on a PC on your network, it would trick your into thinking it was playing on a LAN. This allowed you to play any game online with no cost to yourself. However, it would only really work with servers local to you, as it affected your ping somewhat. Any company that tries to make you spend unneccessary money on their "special" adaptors or cables automatically earns my ire Monster Cable, I'm looking at you.

Such was the case with the 's wireless adaptor. Luckily, however, you could save yourself some money if you had a spare laptop. It required a bit of technical knowledge, but you could set up the laptop as a bridge, then simply run an ethernet cable from your laptop to yourand you were away. Despite Microsoft and Apple being huge rivals, the Xbox could be hooked up to an iPod.

MS didn't make it easy to find this option, but if you went on the Marketplace, there was a small download simply called "optional iPod support.When the Kinect was first released, it was kind of a joke. The Kinect was applauded as a genuinely innovative piece of hardware, but as a game controller, it left a lot to be desired. From there, commercial applications grew as people discovered uses for the Kinect outside of gaming. Today the Kinect is the technological foundation for machinery that had until recently been the realm of science fiction.

Perhaps the most amazing thing the Kinect can do is be used as a real medical instrument. The sensors in the Kinect are sensitive enough that they can calculate a number of health measurements like body temperature and heart rate.

cool things to do with a kinect

The fact that Kinect also has voice recognition and can understand human gestures makes it the perfect device for virtual medical consultations. There are numerous companies exploring the Kinect as a way of keeping in touch with their patients, but the forerunner seems to be a company called Sense.

Atlas 5D is the company behind Alice At Home, a home monitoring system for the elderly. As falling is the number one source of injury for the aged, Alice At Home has real potential as the Baby Boomer generation ages. This lets people that would otherwise need to live in assisted living retain their independence while Alice At Home keeps a watchful eye.

A 3D scanner is the same as that camera, but instead of winding up with a 2D image like a photograph you end up with a 3D model. Now, instead of sending a simple photo to your friends, you can send them an entire object that can be virtually moved around with an app. This kind of technology makes all sorts of things possible, from being able to take real life objects and porting them easily into a game environment to making holograms and augmented reality. The little droid was basically using a Kinect to record that image.

With the Kinect, suddenly the idea of interactive advertising also becomes a real thing. Imagine a subway advertisement with a Kinect above it which can tell if a person is nearby and alter the image based on what the person is doing.

Xbox One X tips and tricks: get the most out of your Xbox console

Maybe the passerby notices the ad and walks toward it, then the advertisement starts speaking to that specific person now that it knows it has an audience. Then maybe the passerby presses a virtual button to buy whatever it is the advertisement is selling. The Kinect makes all of this possible. Have you ever played Titanfall?

Maybe Steel Batallion? Then you know that piloting a giant robot can be complicated. If only there were a device that could take some of the burden off of trying to control so much with just foot pedals and two joysticks. Enter the Kuratas. With its 3D scanning technology, the Kuratas, a giant Japanese battle bot, uses the Kinect to help control its numerous systems.

The Kinect is being used along with the Microsoft Translator app to create a functioning sign language translator. Once the technology is miniaturized to the point where it can be put into a phone the hearing impaired will never have to worry about being misunderstood again.

But it gets even better than that. This technology suddenly makes it possible for deaf people to perform the same jobs that would be otherwise impossible, like customer service or physician. Ok, so, the Kinect kind of already does this on the Xbox. Swiping your hand dismissively left or right will navigate menus and take you wherever in the system you care to go. GestSure will use a Kinect-based system to allow the doctor to wave their hands or their head, or even just waggle their eyebrows to bring up important medical images without needing to take off their gloves and use a keyboard.

The extent of my hacking capabilities goes about as far as guessing correctly what a wifi password is - that is to say, I have no hacking ability whatsoever.

Kinectasploit will let anyone use their Kinect to hack a computer. Have you seen those little projection keyboards that turn your table into a keyboard? Well, the Kinect can do that, and so much more.

It can turn any surface into a navigable touch screen. Because the Kinect can see in three dimensions, it can tell where your hands are in relation to the objects around it. You can then program the Kinect to recognize any surface as a touch screen, and then command that touch screen to do whatever you want.Congratulations, you purchased an Xbox One, which is easily one of the most advanced consoles on the market.

Right off the bat, we knew the system would be a technical marvel. Along with great games, the Xbox One offers high-tech interactive features that fans will love, especially when it comes to sharing. That said, here are 10 things you should do with your Xbox One, if you haven't already. Want to put the Kinect that comes with the Xbox One to good use?

There are several ways to do that. From now until the end of the year, Microsoft has several free fitness programs to take advantage of through the Xbox Fitness app. It'll help you get in shape! Look for it under Bing search, or in the Apps section of the store. The SmartGlass program, which works for several games on Xboxmakes a triumphant return on Xbox One. You'll need to download the devoted app first, but it's free and simple to use.

From there, you can interact with a number of games as well as movies, including Pacific Rim. Just activate the program in your browser, start up your game or flick, and you're good to go! SmartGlass for iOS. SmartGlass for Android.

The Kinect does more than read motion gestures — it also understands voice commands. You can use voice commands like "Xbox on" or "Xbox turn off" to control the power of your system, as well as activate Xbox Snap more on that in a secondinvite friends, go to the home menu or perform a Bing search.

You may need to go to the settings menu and tinker with Kinect options first, but once activated, it's a cinch to use. Recording, Editing and Uploading Game Clips. The Kinect device can be your best friend when it comes to recording game clips and sharing them with others.

You can use the Upload app to capture gameplay clips up to the last five minutesthen edit them however you please and upload them through the newly added YouTube app. It does take a few minutes to upload, but once the videos are online, you'll have a library of accomplishments for everyone to see.

Image Source. It takes a moment to set up the Twitch settings on your system, but once you do, you can live stream sessions and chat with others through a side menu, all while broadcasting yourself using the Kinect's camera.

Note: you might want to put on some pants. You can customize the home menu however you please. When you first go into your games menu, you'll see several different icons. Press the Home button and you'll pull up a side menu with options. Select "Pin to home," and it'll automatically get sorted to your home page. Since Microsoft owns Skype, you can use it on the Xbox One to contact others. The video chat feature works incredibly well with the Xbox One, and for good measure, you can also use Snap Chat to talk to someone while you continue playing your game or watching something through an app.

For good measure, you might want to pick up the Chat Headset for extra clarity, pictured above. Now let's get to one of the best features you'll find on the Xbox One — the Snap. By activating this, you're able to do two things on your console at once, whether it's checking in with friends via Skype, looking up something online during a movie, or checking on what your friends are up to while you're laying waste to foes in Titanfall. Better still, you can activate it with your voice by simply saying, "Xbox Snap" and the application name.

Here's a neat little trick we discovered with the Xbox One. With your Kinect plugged in, the system will change scoring standards for the player depending on who's holding the controller. So let's say one person tears through Killer Instinct, then someone else wants a turn. The game will automatically update for both players, keeping track of their progress.

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